At the Secret Basement studio, our focus is to ensure a relaxed and creative environment to get the best possible sound for your project, whether that means recording everything live or carefully tracking and overdubbing each individual element. We have a variety of microphones and outboard equipment including high quality pre-amps to ensure the recording meets the highest standard. Please contact us for a full info sheet on our equipment.


General recording price: £160/day (1 day = 8hrs)

Please note the recording price is for guidance only. Pricing for projects will vary depending on size and needs of project. Please contact us to discuss your plans and recording needs.

Recording hours:

Monday – Thursday from 4pm Fridays from 2pm Saturday – Sunday 10am – 11pm


Mixing using both in-the-box plugins such as SoundToys, Waves, etc and outboard equipment including the SSL Fusion stereo bus processor to bring your recordings to life and add the extra sheen.

Pricing: A mixing session is usually £20/hour however total pricing for larger projects (eps, albums) will be negotiated depending on the size and needs of the project. Please contact us for further info.


We offer mastering services to finalise your single/album for commercial release using mastering software such as iZotope Ozone or Steinberg Wavelab as well as our outboard.

Pricing: £20/song for 1-8 songs or £15/song for 8-15 song assuming a normal song length. For more extensive projects or compilations please contact us for further info.